Medo de ser explodido por um muçulmano

Como vocês podem imaginar, não sou exatamente um fã de South Park – e, para ser sincero, acho que o gosto pelo desenho aponta a falta de reverência que é a marca distintiva dos intelectos mais inferiores. Mas nem eu nem qualquer outro cristão que eu conheça já sugerimos que os criadores ou o exibidor do desenho devessem sofrer qualquer espécie de retaliação física.

“That’s where we kind of agree with some of the people who’ve criticized our show,” Stone says. “Because it really is open season on Jesus. We can do whatever we want to Jesus, and we have. We’ve had him say bad words. We’ve had him shoot a gun. We’ve had him kill people. We can do whatever we want. But Mohammed, we couldn’t just show a simple image.”

During the part of the show where Mohammed was to be depicted — benignly, Stone and Parker say — the show ran a black screen that read: “Comedy Central has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network.”

Other networks took a similar course, refusing to air images of Mohammed — even when reporting on the Denmark cartoon riots — claiming they were refraining because they’re religiously tolerant, the South Park creators say.

“No you’re not,” Stone retorts. “You’re afraid of getting blown up. That’s what you’re afraid of. Comedy Central copped to that, you know: ‘We’re afraid of getting blown up.'”

“At the same time, just like we always do, we managed to get something on and say something about how we can’t say something about Mohammed,” Parker says.

“South Park,” from its very beginning has been about mocking that which is held most sacred.

Via O Insurgente.